Capitole du Libre 2015

Nous avons dû annuler le Capitole du Libre en 2015. Toulibre a organisé un Bazar du libre en lieu et place.

Docker, au delà du simple container

Adrien Blind

samedi 21 nov, 16:30 – 17:30


Docker now provides several building blocks, combining engine, clustering, and componentization, while the new networking and service features enable many new usecases such as multi-tenancy. In this session, you will first discover the new experimental networking and service features expected soon, and then drift rapidly to software architecture, explaining how a Docker stack unleashes microservi

Description détaillée

The first part of the talk will introduce what SDNs and service registries are to the audience and will cover corresponding network & service experimental features of docker accordingly, with a technical focus. For instance, it explains how to create an overlay network of top of a swarm cluster or how to publish services.

The second part of the talk moves from infrastructure to application concerns, explaining that application architecture paradigms are shifting. In particular, we discuss the growing porosity of companies’s IS (especially due to massive use of cloud services) drifting security boundaries from the global IS perimeter, to the application shape. We also remind that traditional SOA patterns leveraging on buses (ie. ESBs & ETLs) are being replaced by microservices promoting more direct, full-mesh, interactions. To get the picture really complete, we’ll also rapidely remind other trends and shifts which are already covered by other docker components: scalability & resiliency to be supported by the apps themselves, fine-grained applications, or even infrastructure commoditization… Most of all, the last part depicts a concrete, state-of-the-art application, applying all the properties discussed previously, and leveraging on a multi-tenant docker full stack using new networking and services features, in addition to traditional swarm, compose, and engine components. And just because we say it doesn’t mean it’s true, we’ll be happy to demonstrate this live !


Adrien Blind

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